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Cuba relying on home-grown vaccines to combat COVID-19

The Daily Telegraph Australia 03 Apr 2021
Vaccine experts consulted by CNN said the island’s government risked wasting valuable resources and eroding the public’s trust by carrying out mass vaccinations before Cuba had completed testing.

Editorial Roundup: Minnesota

The Lufkin News 31 Mar 2021
This bill smacks of common sense after long-term oversimplification of crime control has made an American citizen the most likely person in the world to be imprisoned — more likely to be an inmate than citizens of Russia, China, El Salvador, Rwanda or Cuba ... Munson wasting taxpayer money.

Three Towns Troubled By Local Property Owner

Caledonian Record 20 Mar 2021
Officials in three local towns are trying to resolve property problems with the same owner ... Burke has taken him to court ... In 2004, he was the subject of a feature article about his humanitarian efforts in Cuba. Twice in 2014 he wrote letters to the editor at The Caledonian-Record about wasted property tax money and an inefficient and ineffective St.

Neoliberalism Was Born in Chile & Will Die in Chile

Consortium News 16 Mar 2021
This is precisely what one sees in the Recoleta project, and it is precisely what is on display in other socialist projects across the world, from the Left Democratic Front government in Kerala and the revolutionary project in Cuba.

Extending products’ useful life a coveted service in crisis-hit Cuba

La Prensa Latina 05 Mar 2021
a constant flow of customers on an island where nothing ends up in the waste bin ... The steady decline of Cuba’s manufacturing sector ... Another classic example of Cuba’s waste-not consumer culture is lighter refilling, a service provided by vendors such as Marcel Lescan.

Legal drama rings hollow in ‘The Mauritanian’

The Daily Californian 02 Mar 2021
Legal drama rings hollow in ‘The Mauritanian’ STX films/Courtesy. Grade. 3.0/5.0 ... While Salahi wastes away in Cuba, “The Mauritanian” introduces Nancy Hollander (Jodie Foster), largely constructed by the film as a brashly unsentimental lawyer and seen through femininity that the script fails to assign depth to ... Dominic Marziali covers film.

Republican senators are shrinking.

Democratic Underground 11 Feb 2021
... trial as “stupid.” And in his February 9 video, a senator who often speaks out against authoritarian corruption in China, Cuba, and Venezuela positioned himself as its apologist here at home—dismissing accountability for the January 6 attacks as a “waste of our time.”.

There Is No Defense--Only Complicity

Democratic Underground 11 Feb 2021
He appeared on Fox News Sunday on January 24 to denounce this second impeachment trial as “stupid.” And in his February 9 video, a senator who often speaks out against authoritarian corruption in China, Cuba, and Venezuela positioned himself as its apologist here at home—dismissing accountability for the January 6 attacks as a “waste of our time.”.

Consumers as guilty as capitalists

Manila Bulletin 28 Jan 2021
CHANGING WORLD. Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas. (Part II) ... This is the so-called civilization of ‘consumption’ or ‘consumerism’, which involves so much ‘throwing away’ and ‘waste.’ “ When Pope Francis visited Cuba, the United States, and the United Nations Headquarters in September, 2015, he could have not been clearer in exposing the extremes of consumerism.

'Legacy of isolation & defeat': Cuba slams US over sanctions on Interior Minister for alleged ...

Russia Today 16 Jan 2021
Also on Cuba scolds US for ‘cynical & opportunistic’ inclusion on its list of state sponsors of terrorism days before Trump’s exit. Though Washington, keeping with its standard practice, cited no evidence to support its allegations, Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez wasted little time before blasting the sanctions as illegitimate.

Mr. Biden – be a difference maker!

Metrowest Daily News 27 Dec 2020
You indicated during your campaign that you would reestablish and normalize relations with our neighbor 90 miles to the south, the beautiful island nation of Cuba ... Cuba bears the scars of a painful history ... Food is now sparse, while here in America we waste enough food to feed the entire nation of Cuba! Every scrap on every plate in Cuba is eaten.

Why Florida's Cuban population is susceptible to Trump's propaganda

CNN 01 Oct 2020
(CNN)On a blistering August morning in 1973, my grandparents, mom and aunt left Cuba ... My professor idealized Cuba and its policies ... She said that having never had the right to vote in Cuba, she could not waste her privilege as an American citizen to vote now and agreed that "no hay otro remedio" (there is no other choice) but Biden.

Where's the outrage from the Dems?

Courier Express 02 Sep 2020
If you want socialism, take Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, Waters, Schiff, Nadler, Obama, Comey, Hillary and all the ones wanting socialism, and go to Cuba, Venezuela and Russia, and don’t come back. Happy trails to you who are a waste of human life.

Cuba counts on new facility to treat its brackish aquifer water

Rio Rancho Observer 31 Aug 2020
Levi Casaus Jr., an operator for Cuba’s water department, sits near a tank at the village’s main water filtration plant ... Wells and tanks in Cuba date to the 1960s, which means the village is constantly repairing and replacing valves and pipes ... Cuba signed a memorandum of understanding in May with the KNeW Co ... A water filtration tank in Cuba.

The Cuban Revolution’s Survival in the Face of Six Decades of US Attacks

GlobalResearch 25 May 2020
From 1959, until Castro’s death 57 years later, he enjoyed the backing of the majority of Cuba’s people ... Pertaining to other areas, the Cuban government wasted little time in enacting universal literacy programs in Cuba, while they also developed a remarkable healthcare system ... 4 CNN, “Clinton signs bill aimed at Cuba”, 12 March 1996.

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